Now that I’m consumed with the idea of perfecting a chocolate waffle, I’m equally consumed with how best to top it. In fact, this idea I have for the topping is what has spurred me to work on the waffle. For it was just the other night, out with some friends, that I experienced the magic of the dessert wine that is Barolo Chinato. It’s a legendary chocolate pairing and with good reason – when matched with a rich, cocoa-laden dessert, both the dessert and the wine and amplified into the stratosphere. It’s amazing.

Ratios for flavors and the consistency of the syrup are now what’s key for me to establish. I certainly want a thin enough sauce to drizzle, but one that’s not too loose. And of course I want to experience the baseline chocolate flavor, while still getting a clear waft of the Barolo Chinato. It also has to add up to something not too sweet, yet sweet enough, to help bring up the palatability of the underlying waffle, which is just going to straddle the line between sweet and bitter.

The below is technically experiment #2 and one that I think will get me fairly close to what I have in mind. Once perfected, or perhaps even in tandem with the work on this sauce, I’m going to work out an orange-imbued whipped cream. I also think the chocolate itself is going to be switched over to Original Beans’ Cru Virunga, a single origin chocolate from the Congo that has exquisite notes of cherry that I think will complement the cherry notes of the wine.

Barolo Chinato Chocolate Sauce

makes a single serving of sauce

20.0g 65% Maracaibo chocolate

1. Begin melting the chocolate down in a bain-marie setup, while heating the cream in another warm water bath.

2. Begin cooking down approximately 34g of Barolo Chinato on very low heat. You just want to reduce it by 1/2 so that 17g remain.

3. Add the butter to the chocolate and stir. Then add the warmed cream and stir.

4. Add 15g of the reduced Barolo Chinato (a scant amount will remain in the pan and will be discarded) to the chocolate mixture and stir.

The sauce is ready to use, immediately.