Among the non-syrup waffle toppings I always want to perfect, orange whipped cream may be #1. I believe it will prove to be incredibly versatile — applicable to a wide array of waffle recipes.

In thinking about a formula for the orange whipped cream, there are a few constraints I’d like to impose. I don’t want to use any orange extract, as I feel extracts should only be used in circumstances where isolating pure flavors is otherwise impossible (e.g., poppy flowers) or where adding the pure ingredient would create undesirable aesthetic issues (such as can sometimes happen with vanilla). I want to use “sugar as a spice”, keeping the sweetness as restrained as possible. I’d like to avoid using orange zest, out of textural concerns. And I want to use a small amount of sheet gelatin, to help stabilize the cream; this is simply because I’m adding a fair amount of orange liquid, and because it will be going on a hot waffle, I’d like to minimize the liquification of the cream.

So below is an upcoming experiment. I’m hoping the orange flavor will be prominent enough.

Orange Whipped Cream

40g Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao
0.6g “platinum” sheet gelatin

1. Add 120g of fresh-squeezed, pulp-free orange to a small saucepan, together with 40g of Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao. Heat at around 60°C/140°F, to slowly reduce the liquid to half its weight.

2. As the liquids are nearing their final reduction point, begin soaking 0.6 of sheet gelatin in ice-cold water. Soak  for 10-15 minutes.

3. Add the softened gelatin to the fully reduced liquid. Swirl to dissolve.

4. Heat ~50g of the cream to around 27°C/80°F and add it to the liquid/gelatin mixture, along with the 10g of powdered sugar. Swirl to combine.

5. Begin whipping the remaining cream in a stand mixer. As it gets to a loosely whipped cream, reduce to medium speed and slowly drizzle in the liquid/gelatin mixture.

6. Increase the mixer speed, and finish whipping. Use immediately or store refrigerated for up to 1 day.