Frustrated with the intensity of yeast flavor, in my ale-yeasted waffle recipes — despite using very little yeast — I wanted to find either a better technical approach or ingredient alternative.

After discussing the issue with an accomplished baker friend of mine, he suggested I try champagne yeast for its much cleaner flavor. I was a bit reluctant, as it is unlikely it was ever widely used in waffles, and even unlikely to have been used regionally. However, as much as I aim to keep my waffles rooted in tradition, I also like to evolve the recipes. So I purchased some champagne yeast and tried it in my Yeasted Buttermilk Waffles.

Fermentation of the champagne yeast seemed a bit less vigorous than the ale yeast, which was not surprising, and fortunately that subdued action was matched by an equally subdued flavor. The test was a success.

I’m now working on reformulating my yeasted recipes. The new recipes will not replace the originals but will be added to the full catalog here on the site. In particular, I plan to formulate a completely new Liège recipe — modernizing every aspect of it. The current one here is extremely period correct and insanely delicious, but a different approach to some of the ingredients and ratios could create magic.