Having professional irons for Liège, American/Belgian, and traditional American waffles was not quite enough for me. I had to go ahead and order a Brussels iron from HVD, last week. Soon enough, the majesty of their A26 model will be in-hand.

Getting to work on a true Brussels waffle has long been a dream of mine. Despite the fact that I’ve unearthed the earliest known recipe of one, published by Cauderlier in 1874, and even in having found other’s recreations (below), making a period-correct one is not as simple as just using the right modern ingredients. Au contraire, to truly make the waffle is to recreate the nature of the ingredients themselves. While I have yet to delve deep into the recipe, I have good reason to suspect Lambic beer may needed for flavor, if not for leavening, too; however, whipped egg whites or conventional ale yeast may be all I need. A careful blend of flours, of the not-too-refined variety, is also definitely in order. And I have to check in on whether it really makes sense to use milk in the recipe; that wasn’t a very popular ingredient in many baked goods until refrigeration came along.

Only another 2 or 3 weeks now until I can go fetch my new iron from the airport!