So the other night I whipped up what is allegedly the first recorded Burssels waffle (recipe below) — Cauderlier’s 1874 account of Florian Dacher’s 1843 recipe.

Was it good? Mmmm, not so much. The egg whites certainly did their magic to leaven the waffle, but the finished piece was still substantially more dense than what yeasted batter would produce. The flavor, too, was quite bland – given the very basic, unsweetened, unflavored, and watered-down nature of the recipe itself. Considering that the guy just ripped off an existing and well-established regional yeasted recipe, I don’t feel so bad saying his work came up short.

I may refer back to his recipe, as I work on recrafting a perior-correct version of the Brusselse wafel, but for now I do’t think there’s much value to ever making it again. Sorry, Florian.

Dacher’s “1843” Recipe as Penned by Cauderlier in 1874

500g flour
250g butter
1/2L water
1/2L milk
5g salt
4 eggs separated (with the whites whipped)
Pinch of cinnamon