The other night, I had a Crema Catalana ice cream. While the texture could have used some improvement, the flavor was quite nice — cinnamon and citrus zest being the dominant tones. Of course, within minutes, I decided that a Crema Catalana waffle was in order.

Apparently Crema Catalana has been around for a few hundred years. That of course means that the characteristic cinnamon in it would have classically been Ceylon cinnamon — which I am using for this first pass at the recipe. And given that the base recipe is essentially the same as crème brûlée, cream and egg yolks need to be a vital feature, as well.

So I took my Cream Waffle Recipe recipe, upped the egg yolks and cut back on the cream, added some Cinnamon, and added some orange zest. When I bake these up tomorrow, using the recipe below, the flavor and texture should be pretty solid. I’m also doing these as yeasted waffles, both for a little throwback feel and for an ultra-light texture, yet I’m specifically using Champagne yeast for its smooth flavor. It may be that baking powder is a better leavening for these, but time will tell.

Ultimately, I think I’ll want to top this waffle with a Mexican vanilla-laden Crème Diplomat. I just need to refine the base recipe first.

Crema Catalana Waffles: Experiment #1

makes 2 round American-style waffles

0.8g Champagne yeast (Red Star Pasteur)
32g egg yolk (from an egg heated in a very warm water bath)
8g white sugar

Preheat the waffle iron to 196°C/385°F

Steps to come in the final version of the recipe. Cook time is 3 minutes 05 seconds.