My last Crema Catalana Waffle experiment turned out pretty well. However, the cinnamon was quite subdued, while the orange was slightly overplayed. In further researching Crema Catalana, I also found out it is entirely egg yolk-based, unlike crème brûlée, which may contain egg whites.

So we’ll see how this new incarnation turns out. I think the flavor will be a good bit more robust, though I do worry that the texture could be adversely impacted by the amount of egg yolk + the fact that less egg material, by weight, is in use.

Crema Catalana Waffles: Experiment #2

makes 2 round American-style waffles

7.2g baking powder
50g egg yolk (from 3 eggs heated in a very warm water bath)
8g white sugar

Preheat the waffle iron to 196°C/385°F

Steps to come in the final version of the recipe. Cook time is 3 minutes 05 seconds.