Brussels Waffle Detail

So much of what I work on with my waffles is the texture. Flavor is a huge component of the recipes, but the technique that renders exquisite texture is just as important.

Where Brussels waffles are concerned, the aim is for them to be as light as humanly possible. I’d long marveled at the beautifully translucent exterior of Eddy Van Damme’s Brussels waffles; he did great work. But taken to the extreme of OCD technique, where the yeast’s activity is monitored with metric precision, I’ve been able to get to the above. The waffle is more void than substance. Yeast bubbles have collapsed, leaving behind a delicious golden lace. And even as the exterior is crisp, the interior is soft and yielding — yet still exquisitely light.

I hope to get the waffles even lighter than I am now + to improve the flavor. These next few weeks are going to be all about tinkering with every facet of the recipe. Each ingredient will be tweaked and tested, as will temperatures and times. I’m already well underway with a variety of experiments. I want transcendence — a waffle experience that exceeds expectations, by at least one order of magnitude 🙂