Having a go-to, standard waffle recipe is invaluable. It’s the basis from which all other recipes can be constructed; it’s also great in and of itself.

In developing this Classic Waffle Recipe, my aim was to refine and then to perfect the spirit of the American waffle. It’s not based on another recipe. It was built from the bottom up, with every gram considered, reconsidered, and factored into batters I’ve adjusted a hundreds of times over.

From the use of butter, to the accents provided by brown sugar and a touch of corn flour, this recipe is about maximizing the flavor experience. Much more importantly, the ingredient temperatures and mixing technique elevate the texture to the absolute ideal — an exquisitely crisp exterior complemented by a sublimely light, tender interior.

Superfluous steps (e.g., whipping egg whites), “secret” ingredients (e.g., corn starch), tacky modern ingredients (e.g., vegetable oil), and bad technique (e.g, not heating the liquids) were to have no part. This is a waffle’s waffle, sans gimmicks.

While this recipe handles a range of toppings very well, perhaps the most perfect accompaniment is 100 grams of a fine medium amber. For those of you who truly want a return to childhood — or those of you who are not maple syrup purists (like your’s truly) — this is the one waffle where some Mrs. Butterworth or Log Cabin is a forgivable sin against the waffle gods.

Classic Waffles

makes 2 round American-style waffles


Preheat the waffle iron to 191°C/375°F

1. Sift all of the dry ingredients together in a medium bowl.

2. Add the warmed egg and melted butter.

3. Then add about 1/2 of the milk, and whisk to blend the ingredients.

4. Add the remaining milk, and finish blending the ingredients. The batter will be fairly thin and smooth.

5. Pour the mix into the preheated iron and cook for 3 minutes 25 seconds.

Remove the waffle from the iron and place on a wire rack to cool. When the waffle has cooled below 49°C/120°F, place the waffle back into the iron to cook for 10 seconds longer. Serve immediately.