There are a number of recipes online that claim to be the “ultimate” waffle recipe. Some of them are quite tasty; there’s no argument. But what if there were one where all ingredients, measurements and steps were considered and reconsidered? What if the aim was to coax out the most perfect expressions of texture and flavor? That was my goal. Expense and prep time were not taken into account. The following recipe is a detailed meditation on making a waffle that transcends one’s expectations of what an “American” waffle can and should be.

I wish everyone had access to freshly-laid eggs, Jersey cow milk, organic flours, and more. I know they don’t. But for those who do, I want to share this.

My take on the “ultimate” here is a much deeper refinement of my Classic Waffle Recipe. It’s as much about ingredients as it is about temperatures and techniques. In concert with my Liège Waffle Recipe, it’s the zenith of my work in waffles — my go-to for anyone who’s never experienced how great a waffle can be.

While this waffle is so tasty that it can be eaten without toppings, I’d suggest 100 grams of Andersonville’s medium amber.

Ultimate Waffles

makes 2 round 38mm/1.5″ American-style waffles

8g dark muscovado sugar

Preheat the waffle iron to 191°C/375°F

1. Sift together the flours, baking powder, and salt into a medium glass bowl. Set aside.

2. In a very small bowl, place the 8g of muscovado sugar and add 40g of the warm milk. Stir to dissolve the sugar, and set aside.

3. Add the melted butter and egg yolks to the flour mixture.

4. Then add the muscovado/milk blend, together with about 120g more milk. Stir with a wire wisk, just until the dry ingredients have been moistened.

5. Add the remaining 68g of milk, and finish blending the ingredients.

6. Whip your egg whites to soft peaks, and then fold them into the batter. The final mix will be of a fairly thin consistency.

7. Pour the batter into the preheated iron and cook for 3 minutes 25 seconds.

Remove the waffle from the iron and place on a wire rack to cool. When the waffle has cooled below 49°C/120°F, place the waffle back into the iron to cook for 10 seconds longer. Serve immediately.